Do you already know how to play or are you a curious beginner? Everybody can join as we match players according to skill. Beginners will play together with an instructor.

We meet and play Riichi Mahjong at “Falken” Kulturhus in cooperation with Studiefrämjandet. Adress Falkgatan 7 in Göteborg. Nearest tram or bus stop is Redbergsplatsen. If you arrive early you can bring your own food and eat in the Café area.

Members fee is 100 SEK per Season. That covers all the planned meetups.

We play 2 hanchan between 18:00-21:30 the following dates:
Registration is needed. Max number of players: 20

Last meet up before sommer break:
Thursday 15 June – Registered Players : 6

Next Season dates:
Thursday 7 September
Thursday 21 September
Thursday 5 October
Thursday 19 October
Thursday 9 November
Thusday 23 November
Thursday 7 December
Thursday 21 December

Wanna join? Fore more information or to register send an email to:

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